12 octobre 2014

[Wishlist] Hello Autumn ♡ ~

Dear Gals,

That's autumn ! I love this season : Rock & Cocooning. This is the moment to wear rock fashion. I can't stop to drool over the gorgeous collection of Ghost of Harlem. I noticed a black bracelet with a lily.

One Spo is my second choice, I love this long black skirt very sophisticated : A rock basic. I'm disappointed about the Glad News collection, no crush. 

However, I need to wear more comfortable and warm clothes like boots from Ugg Australia. That's terribly soft & warm for your cold toes. *haha*
Story of my life : When I've a big crush for a beige coat from Ghost of Harlem and there is no "rokku" inspiration. The coat cost 22,800 yen. *ouch* 

For this moment, I don't need makeup. I've got already a lot makeup to use. If I can have a guilty pleasure, I'll buy the heart blush from Too Faced and a green base from Make Up For Ever for the rednesses of my skin.

The big part of my wishlist is about hair. I would like to change my hairstyle for a pink ombre hair. I reflect for the best permanent product, I'm waiting your tips ! 

The second choice is to buy new wigs. I found two wigs with different styles. What is your favourite ? The lavender or the pink cherry color ?

I'm a girl who like gadgets... I would like to test the "Curl Secret" from Babyliss for to have easily nice curls. The last product from Calor "Volum'24 Respectissim", I would like to test just to satisfy my curiosity. 

Don't ask any questions. I don't do renovation work at home. I just need these lightings for my future videos.  I want to have the best luminosity. *haha*

Hey ! I forgot to say : Today it's my wedding anniversary ! One year with my lovely husband. He offers me a gorgeous set of jewellery from Swarovski ! Thank you my love ~

And you, What is your wishlist for this autumn ?

Kisses & Hugs,

5 octobre 2014

[LIFESTYLE] See You Soon Corsica

Hi Gals !

How are you ? You miss me so much !! I came back from Corsica. Two weeks of happiness ! I rested and I reflected for new articles for my blog and my Youtube Channel. [Follow here]. I don't want to write a novel about my vacation, I summarize it in 10 points.

1. I crossed all the south of France with a lot of incidents
- An "Airbus a380"convoys until Toulouse ~ 1 hour of delay
- On the Highway, a driver took the wrong way at 4 O'clock ~ Fear of year
- My credit card was stuck in a toll machine ~ 1 hour of delay
Fortunately, I arrived to Toulon to get on board on the boat.

The boat - Corsica Ferries
2. When I arrived in Corsica, I wanted to take the letters in the mailbox for my parents. That's a 
surprise to see a big hive of wasps. I closed the mailbox quietly. I wanted to scream, to cry and run far far far away but no word goes out of my mouth.

3. I did my baptism of scuba diving. I could touch a lot of colorful fishes♥ ~

4. A minute of silent for people who move in Bonifacio. [However, the landscapes are amazing]

5. For my birthday, my husband gave me the best present of my life. horse-riding on the beach & on the maquis. The name of my horse is Saledge and it's a guzzler.


6. I eat a lot of foods : meats, cheeses, beers... That's a unique moment when we could go to the restaurant. I bought some "Pietra" beers, a beer with chestnut.

7. I went to the beach without parasol and I didn't burn *Yay*. That's amazing to swin in a turquoise water with a lot of fishes who follow you.

Transparent & Turquoise water

8. The fuel & the food are very very very expensive. 

9. My favourite goodies : a wild board teddy & a corsica gold necklace.

10. Now, I can to say that I saw the river "La Baïse" [Like "The Fück" in english] & the city "condom".
The view from my parents' apartment

I had a good holiday. Now, I'm back to write new articles on my blog each sunday. You can see a new design for my blog. I needed change. What do you think about my "rokku" layout ? 
Moreover, you can see a new part "About". I'll update regularly this part - So don't hesitate to ask me questions

See you next Sunday, 

Kisses & Hugs,

14 septembre 2014

[OUTFIT] Pink beanie & High Platform

Dear Gals,

Hope you have a nice sunday. I received a lot of package this last days. If I do a big haul it'll be a loooong blogspot *haha*.
I reflect to do a video "haul" to present my last makeup purchases. What do you think about this idea ?

The rokku style miss me so much. I don't know why, I prefer to wear a rokku style during autumn or winter. [leather vest, black fur, tights... *haha*]

All I wear are my last purchase. I received a big package from Japan. I'm "a little" annoyed when I went collect my package : 41 € of custom fee !! That's practically the half of my purchases... Seriously ??

Despite my bitterness, I'm glad to receive my items. I bought a pink beanie & a black skirt from Ghost of Harlem. I'm a huge fan of Prisila brand. I start to have a big collection. I wanted to try the extension, I bought the volume version. [I'll develop all prisila items on a next article]

The occasion websites are always a good way to find clothe in a good prices. On gyaru sale [on facebook], I bought a Glavil dress.
My friend, Myriam, sold me her platform shoes from Glad News. I love these new babys ~

See you next week before my holiday. Take care of you. Don't hesitate to comment my look.

Kisses & Hugs,

13 septembre 2014

[HAUL] Princess Apparel

Dear Gals,

How are you ? Thank you for your votes on my last article & your comments for my rokku nail art. [You can continue to vote - click here].
Today, I would like to do a special haul about "Princess Apparel".

Princess Apparel is a webshop create by Rox, a gorgeous gyaru. All products are handmade. She made kawaii jewelleries and accessories. She find her inspirations in japanese fashion. The design can be adore by a large public of japanese fashion lovers. 

I've a crush for a black choker "Hime Pearl Choker Black". I like the mix of the velvet of the choker & the pearl chains. Perfect for Hime gyaru, I can imagine it with an Agejo style. That's a classy touch on an outfit.
The finish of the choke is irreprochable. I really appreciate the details : clean without glue & no damage. Beware, the choker is delicate. I put it in a pouch to don't mix with my accessories.

The shipping is sent from netherland. I received my package in less of two weeks. It's faster, for only 3€ of shipping fee. I can follow the history of my order on the webshop and by email.

I paid 20 € & 3€ of shipping : Good quality & accessible prices. In fact, I don't find any bad points. Her products are gorgeous, the design are unique, I'm charmed. 

Don't forget, you can bought this choker on Princess Apparel.

Kisses & Hugs,

7 septembre 2014

[TUTORIAL] Rokku Nail Art #5

Hi Gals,

How are You ? You miss me so much  ~. I took a little break on my blog. You can always follow me on my facebook page. I'll go on vacation to Corsica very sooon ! [Two Weeks] I need to breathe.  My programme : Horse ride, plunge, boat, restaurants & gorgeous landscape. 

Today, I uploaded a new nail art tutorial on Youtube. Don't hesitate to comment & add a "thumb up" 

What I use in this video : 

◥ Stars - wheel from Claire's
◥ Stars stickers - Crosses Andrea Fulerton Sephora

Hope you'll like it ! Now you can choose the next nail art tutorial. Which tutorial do you want to see ? You can vote 1 or 2

Kisses & Hugs,


~~ ~~